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About NL Plants

NL Plants, which trades the plants of Lodders Boomkwekerij, has been active in the tree nursery world for more than fifty years. We have more than 120 hectares of our own nursery and can therefore supply an extensive range of forest and hedge plants. Together with our team, consisting of approximately 35 employees, we are one of the larger tree nurseries in the Zundert region. Sustainability is very important to us in our cultivation. We try to achieve this as best as possible by using innovative techniques.

A good harmony with the environment

We grow the nature of the future

Since we are growers in heart and soul, we do understand the importance of plants when it comes to our earth. We take care of the environment. Sustainable and environmental friendly growing is only possible if this is done in harmony with the environment. Our sustainable growth starts by taking care of a good soil structure. Prior to the start of every growth, a structure improvement is being applied.

We grow the nature of the future

Grown for the European market

The conservation of nature is
a point of attention

With native plant material, we mean trees and bushes that have grown since the Ice Age in the Netherlands and immediate surroundings, on their own, without immediate influence of people. Native plants are plants that are native to a certain area and reproduce themselves.

The conservation of nature is<br>a point of attention
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1971 - Founding J.C.M. Lodders Boomkwekerijen

In 1971, Jac Lodders founded the company J.C.M. Lodders Boomkwekerijen. His background in trade came in handy here. Initially he started on a small scale, but soon he got many customers.

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1983 - Founding Lodders Boomkwekerijen B.V

After operating under the name JCM Lodders for a number of years, the company had grown so much that it was time for a name change. A growing number of employees and plants resulted in a name change to Lodders Boomkwekerijen B.V and moving to the Oude Lentsebaan in Wernhout.



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1997 - Takeover Lodders B.V

Son Marc and his wife Mariëlle had been working in the nursery for some time. At the end of 1997 they took the decision to take over. This was shortly before Jac's sudden death in 1998.

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2008 - 25 years of Lodders Boomkwekerijen B.V.

In 2008 Lodders Boomkwekerijen B.V. 25 years. A beautiful milestone that was celebrated on 8-8-2008.

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2021 - 50 Years Lodders

In the 2021-2022 season, Lodders will be celebrating its 50th anniversary! Since its inception, the company has grown into a well-known company in the sector.

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2021 - Foundation NL Plants

NL Plants was founded on 1 July 2021. Due to the growing demand for plants, the trade and the nursery have been split into two companies. From now on, customers have to deal with NL Plants.

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