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NL Plants is a specialist in woodland and hedge plants. The plants we trade are grown, both as bare roots and in containers, by various companies. Our product is mainly sold on the European market and mainly used for forestry, landscaping, road planting and hedges.


A major part of our product range consists of native plants from stands selected from the varieties of trees (a list with tree species). These plants are grown and deliverd in the most sustainable way possible and supplied with a certificates of origin.

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  • Sustainable production

    Our sustainable growth starts by taking care of a good soil structure. Prior to the start of every growth, a structure improvement is being applied. As a result, we work with as many natural enemies as posible. 

  • Native plants

    By using plant materials like, native plants, we look for the right plants for all customers. In this way we contribute to improving the ecosystems.

  • Fast delivery

    We can quickly deliver a wide range all over Europe thanks to an efficient approach. We like to think along with you! Of course, the order can also be picked up from us.

Our employees can informyou about our plants and logistic possibilities. Of course, we are committed to deliver our orders in full and precisely as you ordered. You are welcome to visit our nurseries. We would like to ask you to make an appointment first, so we can give you all the attention you deserve.

Specialist in growing woodland and hedge plants

Since we are growers in heart and soul, we do understand the importance of plants when it comes to our earth. We take care of the environment. Sustainable and environmental friendly growing is only possible if this is done in harmony with the environment.

Sustainable and environmental friendly

Many native trees and bushes have disappeared due to human actions. They were replaced by plants from other parts of Europe (Southern and Eastern Europe). We feel that it is important to increase the number of native trees and bushes, since the Southern and Eastern European plants can have a negative impact on the Dutch nature. Exotic trees and bushes might be of the same kind as their native counterparts, but are used to other climates, have another growth rhythm, and another gene structure.

The importance of Native plants

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